Shuttle 747 Experience by @Astro95Media

Space Camp Adventure 2014

Created: September 2014
Designers: Nathan Moeller & Brian Papke
PRE-ORDER: Anyone interested in ordering an embroidered mission patch ($5.00/ea) should e-mail Nathan Moeller

Design Summary

In the run up to the fall of 2014, a group of Space Tweeps planned a large get-together for an grown up Space Camp adventure. We were asked to create a mission patch for their endeavor. The design resembles the official logo of Space Camp, with the waving American flag and space shuttle.

The shuttle stack represents the full scale mockup on display at the United States Space & Rocket Center (Pathfinder). Sixteen stars in the sky honor the participants of the January 2012 Space Camp Tweetup, who commissioned our first patch for an event in Huntsville, AL. The design is rounded out by a SCUBA diver, moon walker and the ISS, signifying the various activities planned for the teams at Space Camp.

- Nathan Moeller

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