Shuttle 747 Experience by @Astro95Media

Shuttle 747 Experience

Created: July 2014
Designers: Nathan Moeller, Brian Papke & Juan De La Garza

Design Summary

As the final major element of the Space Shuttle Program prepares to go on display, the three members of Astro95 Media who covered the Big Move of NASA 905 teamed up to create a commemorative emblem as a tribute to her new mission. Now fully reassembled at Space Center Houston, the Boeing 747-100 is shown with her new partner, shuttle mockup Independence, in front of the famous facade of the visitor center.

Orbiters Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour are represented in the star formation above the stack, with Independence joining the famous fleet of spaceworthy passengers carried by the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. The flags of the United States and Texas bookend the vehicle, representing the nation who made the spectacular shuttle program possible and the final home of the aircraft and orbiter duo in the Lone Star State.

- Nathan Moeller

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