Astro Socks Emblem by @Astro95Media


Created: March 2014
Designers: Nathan Moeller & Margaret Mason

Design Summary

The logo for the AstroSocks project depicts a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn, which servce as the key elements needed to produce a pair of socks being made for current and former astronauts. Through adding a few stitches to a pair of socks, people of all ages learn about the existence of the International Space Station and how to find out when it will be flying over their neighborhood.

The gold knitting needles with the yarn looped around them symbolize the U.S. astronaut pin. The blue lettering recognizes the blue on the flight suits and space suits of all the nations participating in the ISS. The red is indicative of the stripes on a suit used to distinguish one spacewalker from another during an EVA. The gold outer rim represents the color of the solar panels which power the ISS and symbolizes the unity and collaboration necessary to support the ISS. The red, white and blue overall represent the first pair of AstroSocks, which were made for American astronaut Reid Wiseman and launched aboard the SpaceX CRS-3 mission on 18 April 2014.

- Margaret Mason