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Astro95 Media

Created: October 2013
Designers: Nathan Moeller & Brian Papke

Design Summary

Astro95 Media was inspired directly by the use of "ASTRO95" as the tactical callsign for the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft as she hauled Endeavour across the nation in 2012. It was that fantastic day at Ellington Field and tour of NASA 905 herself that really started me down this road. The design originally started out with the wing shape of a 747-8 standing in for the "A", but after consulting with others, it was determined that it just didn't fulfill the role assigned to it and the tail shape of a 747 was chosen instead. Silhouetted against the "A" is none other than the aircraft that started it all - NASA 905. Signifying the dedication to aviation documentation and the origins of Astro95 Media, the aircraft will forever be a symbolic starting point.

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