Cathay Pacific World Record Emblem by @Astro95Media

Cathay Pacific 747-8 World Record

Created: July 2013
Designers: Nathan Moeller & Brian Papke

Design Summary

On July 5, 2013, I had the honor of documenting the loading of the heaviest single piece of cargo ever carried by a 747-8 - a 60-ton piece of drilling equipment bound for Incheon, South Korea. Carrying the riser was Cathay Pacific Cargo's B-LJG, a 747-8F delivered in February 2012. The aircraft stopped in Anchorage, AK before continuing on to Hong Kong and eventually Incheon. The emblem pays tribute to both the aircraft and its cargo, as well as all four locations involved with the record-setting flight. Cathay Pacific colors adorn the emblem.

- Nathan Moeller

[CORRESPONDING EVENT] Cathay Pacific World Record Cargo Loading