Atlantis: Celebrate the Journey Emblem by @Astro95Media

Atlantis: Celebrate the Journey

Created: October 2012
Designers: Tim Gagnon, Nathan Moeller & Brian Papke

Design Summary

In a surprise e-mail less than one month ahead of Atlantis' ten-mile trek to her new home, Tim approached us to graphically create an idea he wanted to submit to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to commemorate the event. With some direction from Tim and Jorge, as well as some arrangement assistance from Brian, I worked to draw out and paint up the design as best I could.

After tweaking the colors as best we could (with a lot of guidance from our resident color-master, Tim) and creating a shape that paid homage to both the STS-135 emblem and our own ribbon-shaped unofficial designs for the orbiters' final moves, the design was sent to the VC for review. I was honestly shocked when I received an e-mail from Tim the next day saying that they loved the design and were placing a rush order for patches. But I was thrilled nonetheless, as it was the first official design we'd created from the ground up, as well as our final design for a space shuttle event. I have no problem saying that I'm proud that it was for Atlantis!

- Nathan Moeller

[MISSION APPAREL] Celebrate The Journey
[CORRESPONDING EMBLEM] Atlantis' Final Journey