RBSP #NASASocial Emblem by @Astro95Media


Created: August 2012
Designers: Nathan Moeller, Ranz Adams & Tim Gagnon

Design Summary

The design of the unofficial RBSP NASA Social emblem follows the design of the official mission emblem with the two radiation belts serving as the dominant element. The belts also form a figure-eight symbol for "infinity", representing the unending potential for scientific discovery during the mission. The red, white and blue belt symbolizes the 50 American participants of the NASA Social, and the golden belt (along with the "50" inside the two) stands in for the mission's place among the golden anniversary of Kennedy Space Center, where the event is being held.

The orbit around Earth and twin stars represent the twin RBSP satellites as they circle the globe among the stormy radiation belts, which are split by the initials "A.V." These intials signify the might Atlas V rocket that will deliver the satellites in orbit.

- Nathan Moeller

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