Chargeaholics Emblem by @Astro95Media


Created: August 2012
Designers: Nathan Moeller & Brian Papke

Design Summary

It was January 2012. Space Camp Tweetup was in full swing. Simulators were humming. Cameras were clicking. Tweeps were tweeting …

And batteries were draining.

This situation is not new to anyone who has ever attended a Tweetup – or just used a mobile device in general. Yet, this time, the sight of tweeps plugged into every odd outlet they could find to squeeze every last ounce of battery life out of their phones spawned a new term: #Chargeaholics.

The label spread and was quickly adopted as the battle cry of tweeps everywhere in the search for outlets to keep devices charged. It came to symbolize not just plugging into walls, but having external charger cables hanging from our pockets, walking into rooms and immediately sensing innately where every outlet is, and having heart palpitations when battery life dips below 70%. They are the ranks who find outlets on ceilings, in floors, and on lamp-posts. They are the nerds who make electron jokes. They are the rockstars of the charging world.

They are the #Chargeaholics.
This is their emblem.

- Libby Norcross