Space Camp Tweetup Emblem by @Astro95Media

Space Camp Tweetup

Created: January 2012
Designers: Nathan Moeller, Sean Squire & Brian Papke

Design Summary

The first Tweetup design of 2012 stemmed from the request of a friend planning to attend the January 2012 Tweetup at the United States Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. With the request coming three weeks before the start of the event, I think we set a record for the speed of a design process. The design harkens back to the Juno and GRAIL Tweetup patches of 2011, with the hashtag for the event being used, as well as the two dates for the event. The silhouette of an attendee participating in the Moonwalk simulating adorns the sky, surrounded by sixteen stars representing the sixteen attendees of the Space Camp Tweetup. Space shuttle Pathfinder stands in as the most recognizable attraction of the USSRC, pointing the way forward for the attendees. The universal Dive Flag sits below Earth's surface, signifying the SCUBA activities which took place at the Tweetup.

- Nathan Moeller

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