Expedition 41 Emblem by @Astro95Media

Expedition 41

Created: October 2011
Designers: Nathan Moeller, Brian Papke, Larry Sullivan & Tim Gagnon

Design Summary

The unofficial design submission features a prominent "XLI", repesenting the crew of Expedition 41, with each portion of the numeral symbolizing a special part of manned spaceflight. The crescent Earth forms part of the "X" in recognition of the continued global efforts of research and pursuits of knowledge aboard the International Space Station.

The "L" represents the half-century of manned spaceflight which has led us to this point. The ISS, with its integrated truss structure and solar array wings unfurled, forms the "I", zooming beyond the half-century mark in human spaceflight as our stepping stone to destinations beyond low Earth orbit.

As Earth turns, the sun rises in the east over all the international partners as we begin another mission discovery together. The flags of the United States, Russia and Germany follow the ISS, representing the multi-national crew of Expedition 41.

- Nathan Moeller

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