Expedition 40 Emblem by @Astro95Media

Expedition 40

Created: September 2011
Designers: Nathan Moeller, Brian Papke, Larry Sullivan & Tim Gagnon

Design Summary

The unofficial design submission features a prominent "XL" flying high above the surface of Earth, representing the crew of Expedition 40. The International Space Station, with its glown solar array wings angled at 45 and -45 degress, forms the "X" portion of 40, while a simple "L" completes the numeral.

The "L" also signifies the importance of a half-century of manned exploration of space. The ISS surges beyond this vital point in history to continue mankind's quest for knowledge beyond our atmosphere. Six stars adorn the sky, representing the six American and Russian crewmembers of the mission, as well as the six manned vehicles which have, do and are planned to service the outpost over its lifetime - The Space Shuttle, Soyuz, Dragon, Orion, CST-100 and Dream Chaser.

- Nathan Moeller

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